Yung Miami wants Nicki Minaj to unblock her on IG. She tweeted, “Can you unblock me @NickiMinaj?”.

She caught some heat from the Barbz and stated that she isn’t ‘delusional’ she just wants to be unblocked because she didn’t do anything.

The reason Nicki Minaj probably blocked Yung Miami is because of an interview the City Girls had with the Breakfast Club a couple of years ago during the height of Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj.

During the interview, the Breakfast Club asked Yung Miami if they would work with Nicki Minaj.

Yung Miami said, “I just want to stay away from that question, like, I don’t want to get into that but I and Team Cardi. City Girls is Team Cardi”.

Nicki Minaj’s last name is “Petty” so that is probably why Miami got blocked.

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